"momoko" Doll

* momoko ver.02DD
Daisy-D is the indies doll fashion bland founded by Hiroko Ebine. Their characteristic is street-ism and particularity about their taste and preference. The member of the doll-creating collective "LW DOLLS".

momoko ver.02DDmomoko ver.02DDmomoko ver.02DD

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Item Type
momoko ver.02DD
Home Market Price
16,590 yen (15,800 yen + tax)
"momoko" Daisy-D version is like a rocker. She wears very natural makeup. This "momoko" has dark blown eyes and no eyelash for the first time. She wears clear gloss on lips. Hair is natural dark brownish black, longstraight with bangs and a wisp on the cheek is cut sharply. Outfit is T-dress with peach-skull print for "MOMOKO's mission: Shopping" event and roll up jeans. Footwear is 10 hole boots in cherry red, the new color matched with roll up jeans.
*Regular skin tone on an articulated body
*Makeup: Eye shadow: Beige blown
Eyes: Dark blown
Lip color: Natural gloss
*Hairstyle: Natural black, long straight with bangs and side cut
*Clothing & Shoes: T-dress, Roll up jeans, 10 hole boots
For Information -PetWORKs Co., Ltd. DOLL Division (Japan inland)
     PetWORKs Co., Ltd. DOLL Division
-R&D Fashion Dolls in Taiwan (for overseas)
     Please look here.
-azone international co. (for people in Korea)
     azone international co.

CONCEPT&Clothing production: Hiroko Ebine(Daisy-D)/ Original face sculpt by Keisuke Sawada / MADE IN JAPAN(Body is made in China,outfit is made in Vietnam.)/ Sewn items manufacturing: Chika Daimon,azone international co.


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