"momoko" Doll

* momoko ver.02SP

momoko ver.02SPmomoko ver.02SP

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Item Type
momoko ver.02SP
Home Market Price
15,540 yen (14,800 yen + tax) for each color
Production number
190 pieces for each color (tentative)
2002 spring version carries refreshing mood with bold border printed shirt dress in five color variation.

-- ver.02SPpk border print: pink/white shoes: red wallaby shoes *Sold exclusively at Hara Museum
-- ver.02SPgr border print: green/white shoes: brown sneakers
-- ver.02SPbk border print: black/white shoes: black wallaby shoes
-- ver.02SPbr border print: brown/white shoes: brown wallaby shoes
-- ver.02SPrd border print: red/white shoes: red sneakers

Her brown eyes are glamorously highlighted by pearly gold eye shadow.
She has pinkish cheek and lip and honey brown hair.
Shaggy side parted shoulder-length hairstyle makes her look chic.
She wears loosish knee-length shirt dress in five color variation and matching shoes.
*Approximately 27cm in height
*PetWORKs original head mold - DHD-01
*Regular skin tone on an articulated body
*Makeup: Eye shadow: Gold
Eyes: Brown
Lip color: Pinkish Gold
*Hairstyle: Honey brown, side parted shoulder-length
* Please pardon individual difference in length, curls and shaggy cut at theend by delicate handwork.
*Clothing & Shoes: - Border printed shirt dress in pink/white & red wallaby shoes
- Border printed shirt dress in green/white & brown sneakers
- Border printed shirt dress in black/white & black wallaby shoes
- Border printed shirt dress in brown/white & brown wallaby shoes
- Border printed shirt dress in red/white & red sneakers
* You can select your choice of style, provided that pink/white color is sold exclusively at Hara Museum.
* Comes with clear display box. Stand not included.
Release Date
-- ver.02SPpk: May 31, 2002 (tentative)
* Sold exclusively at Hara Museum. Reservation will be accepted at Hara Museum souvenir shop from April 20. Only one reservation can be made under one name.
* Please note that reservations can be accepted at Hara Museum only.

-- ver.02SPgr, 02SPbk, 02SPbr, 02SPrd: June 25, 2002 (tentative)
* Reservations can't be accepted, sorry.
For Information
PetWORKs Co., Ltd. DOLL Division (Japan inland)
R&D Fashion Dolls in Taiwan (for overseas)

* With regard to ver.02SPpk (Hara Museum exclusive color), please contact Hara Museum souvenir shop.

- Hara Museum souvenir shop "The Museum Shop"
phone: 03-3445-2069

CONCEPT: Namie Manabe / Clothing production: DH Collection (Mitsuko Shitara)/ Original face sculpt by Keisuke Sawada.


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