"momoko" Doll

* momoko ver.03ANsp

momoko ver.03ANspmomoko ver.03ANspmomoko ver.03ANsp

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Item Type
momoko ver.03ANsp
Home Market Price
34,650 yen (33,000 yen + tax)
Production Number
70 pieces (tentative)
"Working girls' power" is the tag line for 2nd anniversary "momoko".
This special model creates a powerful atmosphere with gimlet eyes and regent style black hair. Enriched with sterling silver accessories and a wallet in pure hide. In black overalls with tiger embroidery and getting a back tatoo, she's got a lot of spunk. 1/1 scale charm included.

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*Approximately 27cm in height
*PetWORKs Original head mold - DHD-01
*Regular skin tone on an articulated body *with tatoo print
*Makeup: Eye shadow: Light brown
Eyes: Caramel brown
Lip color: Clear pink
*Hairstyle: Black, Regent style
*Please pardon individual difference in length and cut by delicate handwork.
*Clothing & Shoes: Overalls with embroidery, Tank top, Shorts, Low-tech sneakers (Black), 1/1 scale charm, Silver ring, Silver pendant, Pure leather wallet with silver chain

*The color of the outfit or accessories may stain the surface of the doll. Please handle with care.
* Please pardon the wobbling head in some cases. The head may wobble slightly because of the structure of the joints of neck and body.
* Silver accessories have an oxidized finish. Rubbing the black part hard may cause a color staining. Please handle with care.

*Comes packaged in a blister pack with description card.
*Stand not included.
Release Date
August 28, 2003
(Scheduled for precedence release at the doll event "DOLL AVENUE in C3" on August 23 - 24)

*This item is sold exclusively at the site for the doll event "DOLL AVENUE in C3" and So-net online shop "momoko-ya".

Concept: Namie Manabe / Clothing production: Taeko Sekiguchi, Masami Tokinori / Design for embroidery and tatoo, Wallet production: Yuichiro Fukaya / Ring prototype production: Makoto Sakurai / Original face sculpt: Keisuke Sawada / Package design: Positron / MADE IN JAPAN (Body is made in China, outfit is made in Vietnam.) / Sewn items manufacturing: azone international co.


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