"momoko" Doll

* momoko ver.04ANlw
LW DOOLS LW DOOLS is the creators' unit under the theme of "real fashion for girls life" who creates 1/6-scale dolls and outfits that give the sensation of fashion, music and reality.

momoko ver.04ANlwmomoko ver.04ANlwmomoko ver.04ANlw

*Click on photos to enlarge images. The doll and the outfit in the photos above are trial products.

Item Type
momoko ver.04ANlw
Tentative Price
16,590 yen (15,800 yen + tax)
Production Number
400 pieces (tentative)
This momoko produced by LW DOLLS is modeled after the girls hanging around in Harajuku or Daikanyama area. She is an ordinary yet stylish girl who wears girlish, rock or hi-fashion clothes smartly.

She has the same color eyes as momoko ver.DHEX and wears natural and clear makeup. Has sleek, shiny long hair. She wears tank top with the print of the first momoko, basic jeans and girlish tiered skirt. All items are useful by themselves or for a layered look. Also with plaid tote bag with LW logo print, wristband with white lines, peach necklace and white rubber sole shoes.
*Approximately 27cm in height
*PetWORKs Original head mold - DHD-01
*CoCo body (articulated)
* Please be forewarned that the head is nonremovable. Also, please be forewarned that the doll can't be sat down with its legs closed.
* The joint at the neck may be broken when the head is moved by constraint. Please handle with care.
*Makeup: Eye shadow: Cinnamon brown
Eye color: Brown
Lip color: Clear orange
*Hairstyle: Copper brown, long straight with bangs (made from Kanecaron)
* Please pardon individual difference in length and cut by delicate handwork.
*Clothing & Shoes: Face printed tank top, Cotton lawn tiered skirt, Jeans, Tote bag, Wristband, Peach necklace, Shorts, Rubber sole shoes

* The color of the outfit or accessories may stain the surface of the doll. Please handle with care.
* Print may come unstuck when rubbed hard or stretched. Please handle with care.

* Comes packaged in a box with description card.
* Stand not included.
Release Date

August 11, 2004

Concept: LW DOLLS / Clothing production: HIROKO (Daisy-D), Mika Okada (Korisu Factory), Hitomi Miyamoto (CoolDolls) / Original face sculpt: Keisuke Sawada / Package design: Positron / MADE IN JAPAN (Body is made in China, outfit is made in Vietnam.) / Sewn items manufacturing: azone international co.

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