"momoko" Doll

* momoko ver.04SSmt

momoko ver.04SSmtmomoko ver.04SSmtmomoko ver.04SSmt

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Item Type
momoko ver.04SSmt
Tentative Price
16,590 yen (15,800 yen + tax)
Production Number
150 pieces (tentative)
We present our 2004 spring - summer collection based on the theme "HAPPY OUTSIDER!".
Momoko looks sweet yet wild in loose knitting layered over fluttery dress. Has loose hair in milk tea color and candy pink lips.
She is sold exclusively at 2004 SPRING/SUMMER EXHIBITION "HAPPY OUTSIDER!" and So-net online shop "momoko-ya".
*Approximately 27cm in height
*PetWORKs Original head mold - DHD-01
*CoCo body (articulated)
*Makeup: Eyes: Brown
Lip color: Candy pink
*Hairstyle: Milk tea color, long loose curl hair
* Please pardon individual difference in length and cut by delicate handwork.
*Clothing & Shoes: Knit hat, Knit dress, Patch dress, Patch stole, Knit shorts, Relaxed sandals

* The color of the outfit or accessories may stain the surface of the doll. Please handle with care.
* Please be forewarned that the head is nonremovable. Also, please be forewarned that the doll can't be sat down with its legs closed.
* The joint at the neck may be broken when the head is moved by constraint. Please handle with care.
* Knitwear is prone to get hung up. Please handle with care.
* Please give caution to the laces of the patch dress, it is possible to come out when it's pulled strongly.

* Comes packaged in a box with description card.
* Stand not included.
Release Date

April 28, 2004

Concept: Namie Manabe / Clothing production: Aya Kasama, Taeko Sekiguchi / Original face sculpt: Keisuke Sawada / Package design: Positron / MADE IN JAPAN (Body is made in China, outfit is made in Vietnam.) / Sewn items manufacturing: azone international co., and others


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