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["momoko" PROFILE]

The 1/6 scale indies fashion doll "momoko" reflects the lifestyle of today's Tokyo.
She made her debut at "DOLLHEAD EXHIBITION 2001" in August 2001 and was produced by PetWORKs with supervisors, Namie Manabe, the Art Director of Email software "PostPet" who also is a passionate doll mania, along with "LW DOLLS", the indies doll dressmaker team.
"momoko" is known for her distinctive facial expression with the air of self-determination and anti-romanticism.
Since her debut, "momoko" has been representing trends of the moment and Namie Manabe's philosophy.
"momoko" is respected by doll collecters as the fashion doll with style, and she is winning popularity among general public as a pop culture object, as well as a mass-produced-art project.

[Who is PetWORKs?]

PetWORKs Co., Ltd. is a small company of just eight staff members with big ambition.
Although our main project is development of "PostPet" mailing software, our president Kazuhiko Hachiya who is also a media artist encourages staff to create their own work of art, unless it hinder our core business.

"momoko" doll was originated by an amateur doll enthusiast (or Manabe) spontaneously - "If you can't find a doll of your type in the market, why don't you create one on your own?"
We are somewhat different from conventional toy manufacturer you may have imagined us to be.

Of course you can enjoy "momoko" as a toy. But we producers approach it as the commercial production art project by amateurs committed to limited production with meticulous care in today's Japan.

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