2004 Release
New Items

2004.08 Release (Japan inland)

* V-neck Sweater (Brown, Cyan Blue, Gray)

* Knit Collarless Jacket (Black, Pink)

* Hooded Sweat Jacket (Thick White, Thick Gray, Thin White, Thin Gray)

* Camisole & Leggings (Black/Black, White/Border Stripe, Pink/Charcoal Gray, Gray/Gray)

* Rubber Sole Shoes (Black, White, Red, Pink)

* Happy Box SP

2004.07 Release (Japan inland)
Lacy Tunic Dress (Natural, Pink) Lacy Leg Warmers (Natural, Pink)

2004.06 Release (Japan inland)
Hot & Wild Suede bag
FIVE LEGS (Pink)    

2004.05 Release (Japan inland)
V-neck cardigan (White, Blue) GO!GO! Cheers (White/Blue, Yellow/Blue)
Pop Waitress (Red, Black) Slip & Sports
Sleeveless Shirt (White, Khaki) Cigarette Pants (White, Plaid)
Cap (Black, Red, Yellow, Beige) Oxford Moc Toe (Black, Red, Brown, Gold, Silver)
Relaxed Sandals (Black, White, Yellow, Blue) Happy Bag

2004.01 Release (Japan inland)
Knit Ensemble (Black, Natural, Purple)    

Although all the "momokomono" items shall be inspected respectively by our staff, you may find difficulty in putting the arms through the sleeves, or need to pull out the head to put on some items as they are silhouette-conscious. In that case you may try thin doll stockings put on the arms when letting into the sleeves, or turn the arm so that its palm may face the seam allowance. Also, try to press the seam allowance using tweezers or something thin when putting on clothes.


-PetWORKs Co., Ltd. DOLL Division (Japan inland)
PetWORKs Co., Ltd. DOLL Division
-R&D Fashion Dolls in Taiwan (for overseas)
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